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Reserves and Production

New Zealand has known in-ground coal resources exceeding 15 billion tonnes, more than half of which is potentially recoverable. New Zealand’s largest coal resource is lignite in Southland and Central Otago. There are also substantial resources of sub-bituminous coal in both islands, and a lesser amount of high-quality bituminous coal, mainly on the West Coast of the South Island.

Over 93% of all production is of bituminous and sub-bituminous coals. Although lignite makes up 80% of national coal resources, lignite production in 2013 represented only 6% of total production, mostly as a consequence of its high moisture content and distance from the main centres of energy demand.

Coal production is centred on the Waikato (mainly for several major industrial users and the Huntly power station), the West Coast (mainly for export), and Otago/Southland (mainly for local industrial markets).

More information on the New Zealand coal industry is available from the  New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals website.

Map of New Zealand coal fields and resources [PDF 4.0MB]